Electric Anti Lice Comb
Electric Anti Lice Comb
Electric Anti Lice Comb
Electric Anti Lice Comb
Electric Anti Lice Comb
Electric Anti Lice Comb

Electric Anti Lice Comb

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Excessive itching is a sign that your dog is infested with fleas, ticks, or lice

Watch out for these signs too

  • Scratching and intense itchiness.
  • Rough, dry, or matted coat.
  • Hair loss, specifically around ears, neck, shoulders, groin, and rectal regions.
  • Small wounds or bacterial infections from bites by sucking lice.
  • Restless behavior.
  • Anemia in extreme cases, or in small dogs and puppies.
  • Tapeworms and other bacteria or parasites are spread by lice.

The Electric Lice Comb is a revolutionary device that incorporates combing and vacuuming to eliminate fleas, ticks, lice, and eggs. As you comb thru the hair, it delicately extracts pests from the hair into the capture filter.

Used by veterinarians. This Electric Lice Comb is now available to the consumer to use at home privately.


🐶 Easy to Use: Simply turn it on and start combing infested areas.

🐶 Environmentally friendly: Enough filter devices and you can change bags at any time. The item can be recycled.

🐶 Safe, Non-toxic, and Pesticide-Free Formula: Remove lice, fleas, and ticks with no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

🐶 No noise: Helps with sensitive pets

The Electric Lice Comb includes filters that will store the lice, eggs, and ticks so you may dispose of them to ensure no infestation continues to grow in your four-legged family member (dogs and cats).


Package Includes:

WagComb™ Pro x 1
Charger x 1
Filters x 3